Record of Excellence

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Dennis Hogan- Committed to Our Community The Hillsborough County Attorney's Office worked  with a 8% reduction in its budget in Dennis Hogan's two fiscal years(FY 2012-13). Hogan successfully led the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office through the tough financial times by attracting and retaining the highest quality prosecutors.

While a Board of Education Member from 2006 to 2009 student performance improved in Nashua while the school department's portion of the city tax burden fell from 64% to 54%.Dennis Hogan successfully lead the effort to reduce the school Superintendent's compensation by $40,000 per year.

Dennis Hogan restored the communication and trust between the office of Hillsborough County Attorney and the police departments within Hillsborough County and with the N.H. Attorney General's Department.

In 2006 stopped "Cop Killer Advocate," from becoming the GOP nominee for State Senate District 13 by mounting the only successful write-in campaign for a State Senate nomination in NH history.The "Cop Killer Advocate" encouraged shooting the police in posts on his website. Dennis Hogan's response can be found on YouTube.