Record of Excellence

What Democrats and Independents are Saying

darlene john polly greg griffith

"Dennis has the leadership experience necessary to continue the task of managing 20 assistant county attorneys and their staff.  He provided the change in leadership the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office sorely needed.  Even before becoming County Attorney and improving things there, Dennis helped improve the procedure of the Nashua Board of Education and established and managed his own law firm.  I have yet to meet anyone more passionate about the state of New Hampshire and the county.  I support him because of his passion, intelligence, and intense commitment."
Darlene Pina

"Dennis, keep up the good work." John T. Pendleton, Esq.

"Dennis knows how to be tough but fair.  That is what we need in an office like County Attorney.  That has nothing to do with the politics we disagree about.  This is about having the right person for the job and Dennis has shown he is the right one for Hillsborough County Attorney." Pauline Dawson

"Dennis has a vision for how the office should be run.  That vision works well and it does not include partisan politics.  It's good to see someone holding office just do the job." Greg Palkon, Esq.

"Dennis does a great job as County Attorney.  He is a excellent organizer and administrator.  I would like to see him continue because the office is running well since he began.  We couldn't ask for anything more.   Dennis and I have debated policies other than law enforcement but he doesn't carry that stuff over into this job.  I am voting for him in November." Diane Griffith, Esq.